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Urban Agriculture
Vertical Aeroponics allows you to grow more with less space, less water and less waste. The open chamber design simplifies the system which makes it easy to run and maintain. These systems are perfect for rooftop gardening as well as balconies or anywhere you have good light for year round production.
Our systems are designed to be in the public eye and can be branded with custom artwork to become part of your facility. We can design and engineer back of house systems to supply large quantities of produce. Our molded units are perfect for event planning allowing you to change plants easily.
The open chamber design allows for access to the entire plant. Students can study how the roots develop as well as how the surface of the plant grows and reacts to different lighting sources. From basic plant development to water quality chemistry these system provide a range learning opportunities for all ages. Aeroponics is the preferred method of growing on the International Space Station according to NASA.
Grow a wide variety of medicinal herbs. These systems are great for growing your own for personal use. As well as providing for others as a caregiver.
Retirement Facilities
The upright design allows for easy access to the plants without bending and the soilless system means there is no digging involved. Automation provides for a low maintenance system that virtually runs itself. Grow everything from flowers to vegetables without the hassles and work of traditional gardening.
Grow fresh herbs and vegetables year round in your home. Provide high quality produce for your family that is free from pesticides and chemicals. You know what is in your food because you grew it yourself.
RV Travelers
These self-contained systems are compact and mobile allowing you to take them with you wherever you go.

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